Why Hire An Auto Detailing Service?

photo of one of our technicians vacuuming out an interior as a part of our interior detail service
Interior detailing and full vacuum service provided via mobile auto detailing.

Auto Detailing Is The Best Way To Maintain Your Vehicle

You need to clean your car. It might not be the most fun or engaging task, but it’s very important. Keeping your vehicle clean will retain it’s value and functionality for years down the road. Here in Mansfield, the safest and easiest way to clean your car is an auto detailing service – Not an automated car wash.

What Makes Detailing Different From a Car Wash?

You might be thinking “Well if I need to keep my car clean, I’ll just run it through the car wash once a week.” I’m here to tell you that car washes are not the same as car detailing. Not even close. Let’s dive into why that is:

Car Washes Cause Damage, Detailing Saves You Money

Auto Detailing is done by hand with gentle methods, whereas car washes use machines with brush attachments that are known for causing scratches and swirl marks. Of these 2 options, hand washing is by far the safer and more delicate way to clean your car.

Repeated use of auto car washes will cause thousands of tiny (and maybe even some large) scratches in your paint. These scratches cause your paint to look dull and faded over time, which will actually reduce the value of your vehicle. Think about it; if you’re looking to sell your car, do you think you’d get a higher offer if the paint looks brilliantly shiny and in like-new condition (see picture left side) or tarnished, scratched and dinged up from the car wash (see picture right side)? So, when looking at the higher cost of auto detailing, take into account that it may actually be saving you money when it comes time to trade your car in on something new.

scratches in paint from improper car wash method
Scratches in paint from improper car wash methods

A More In-Depth Clean

Car washes get you in and out as fast as possible. That’s great if you need an extremely quick wash, however you will not get the same quality of work or care compared to a car detailing service.

Auto detailing is about taking the time to clean every inch of the vehicle with care and precision. Detailers get into cracks, crevices, gas caps, door jambs, etc. with gentle, high quality cleaning products. When the wash is finished, they dry the car with high quality, clean microfiber towels. Auto detailers typically use a drying aid (AKA drying lubricant) to reduce friction as much as possible in the drying process.

So, when hiring an auto detailing service, you’re getting a better clean, less risk of damage, and higher quality products on your vehicle.

Higher Quality Products and Tools

Mansfield car detailing requires special care when it comes to product choice. Here we need to take into account the weather (mostly the hot summer sun) when choosing the best products to use.

When we perform a service like a Premium Wash or Wash and Wax, we carefully cleanse all areas by hand while using safe tools such as the Optimum Big Red Sponge and Rag Company Microfiber towels.

Our primary car wash chemical is Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine. This is the safest and most effective way to wash a car, hands down. Optimum No Rinse (or ONR for short) contains highly lubricating polymers that do 2 important things: provide lubrication and encapsulate dirt. As soon as ONR makes contact with your car, the chemical goes to work surrounding dirt and providing lubrication. Then, when we make contact with the paint, there’s always a barrier of lubrication between our sponge and your car.

Furthermore, with the Mansfield, Texas sun, we only use products that are safe in direct sunlight. ONR is completely safe for use in direct sun, and can safely be allowed to dry on the surface without causing damage. Typical car wash soaps are not recommended for use in direct sun and should not be allowed to dry on your car. Automated car washes almost always leave some soap on your vehicle. Therefore, the leftover soap bakes into your paint which could cause damage.

Many Detailing Services Are Mobile (Like Us)

Stop wasting time waiting in line for a car wash. Hire a mobile service that can come to your home or office to detail your car. Doing so will be safer, more effective, and less time consuming than auto car washes.


You should hire an auto detailing service because they are safer, more effective and less time consuming for you and your vehicle. Don’t let your investment be tarnished by improper washing habits. Hire a mobile detailing service instead!

If you’re interested in hiring us, please head over to our services page and see which service suits your needs. Or, send us an email quote request by clicking the button below!

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