Detailing Products & Tools We Recommend

Here are the products that we use on a regular basis for our car detailing business. You can clean your entire vehicle, inside and out with only the products listed on this page.

Rinseless Wash

The most important and versatile product you can buy. If you choose one product from this list, it should be this one. Use to wash the exterior, wheels and tires, wipe down interior surfaces (including glass).

Ceramic Gloss

6 month ceramic sealant that will keep your paint shiny and clean. Safe on all exterior surfaces.

Tire Shine

Easy to apply, spray-on tire shine. Provides moderate shine with a single coat, deep “wet” look with 2 coats.

All Clean

General all purpose cleaner. Great for stuck-on grime and dirt. Can be used on interior or exterior.

Clean & Protect

Interior cleaner that lightly cleans and protects your car’s interior. Non-greasy & streak-free UV-Protection!

Wash Sponge

The best way to use rinseless wash is with this sponge. The soft foam will trap dirt and release it into your wash bucket.

Drying Towel

The best and most absorbent drying towels we have used so far. Excellent for drying the car and applying Ceramic Gloss.

Other Tools that you’ll need