Our Auto Detailing Services

Here are all of the detailing services we offer

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Wash and Wax

The “Wash and Wax” is our entry-level car wash service. It includes a gentle hand wash, wheel and tire cleaning, bug gut removal, tire dressing, and an application of high grade carnauba wax to protect the exterior of your car. We apply the wax by hand to your paint, trim, windows, mirrors, etc. The wax will add extra gloss and lasts about 3 months.

Wash, Clay and Ceramic Gloss

The “Wash, Clay and Ceramic Gloss” is a direct upgrade from the “Wash and Wax.” This service includes a hand car wash, wheel and tire cleaning, clay bar decontamination, bug gut removal, tire dressing, and an application of Ceramic Gloss.

Ceramic Gloss is a high quality ceramic sealant for your car or truck. When applied to your cars exterior, it will provide a good level of protection against minor clear coat damage. This product lasts for 6 months – significantly longer than wax but not as long as a professional ceramic coating. This service will protect your car for 6 months and adds even more gloss/shine than wax!

Interior Detail

Our interior detail service is a complete cleaning of your vehicles interior. Everything from the dash to the trunk will be thoroughly cleaned and detailed. This service will transform your vehicle back to how it looked the day you bought it (or maybe even better).

Car Seat Shampooing

If your car seats are really dirty, we offer an optional upgrade to car seat shampooing. Our interior detail includes steam cleaning of these areas, but sometimes a deeper clean is required.

This service involves the use of a commercial grade water extractor machine. This is essentially a carpet cleaning machine similar to those used by home carpet cleaning services. It injects water and cleaning chemicals into your car fabrics at high pressure and then immediately sucks the liquid out with a powerful vacuum nozzle. This method is great for removing deeply embedded dirt or stains.

Car Carpet Shampooing

If your carpets are really dirty or really smelly, you may want to purchase car carpet shampoo upgrade along with your interior detail. We normally use a steam cleaner on all carpeting, but sometimes a deeper clean is required. The carpet shampoo upgrade utilizes our commercial carpet cleaning machine to inject water and cleaning chemicals into your carpets. The solution emulsifies dirt and stains, then is sucked out by the machine‚Äôs vacuum nozzle.

Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is the best form of paint protection for your car or truck. It will prevent many types of minor clear coat damage such as light scratching, chemical erosion, water spots, oxidation, etc. Ceramic Coatings also make your vehicle extremely easy to maintain. The slickness of the coating will prevent dirt from sticking to your car, therefore making the vehicle easier to wash and require less washing in general.

Paint Enhancement Polishing

Improve your car’s natural gloss and remove light imperfections with paint enhancement polishing! This is a single stage paint polishing service that will make your car incredibly shiny.