Get your car hand washed by professionals

Tired of taking your car to automated car washes that leave your vehicle looking worse than before? Give Nitro Mobile Detailing’s “Wash and Wax” service a try! Our team of detailing experts will gently and thoroughly wash your car by hand, using only the highest-quality products and equipment to ensure a sparkling finish. Plus, we apply a protective layer of carnauba wax that lasts up to 3 months, protecting your car’s paint job and making it shine like never before.

What’s Included?

  • Gentle Hand Car Wash and Dry
  • Removal of bug guts/bird droppings
  • wheel and tire cleaning
  • tire dressing for shine and uV protection
  • Apply high-grade carnauba wax (Lasts 3 months)


Regular Size Sedan, Crossover, Compact


Large Size Truck, SUV


XL Size XL SUV, Minivan


Hand Car Wash and Wax Mansfield, TX

Our “Wash and Wax” is our entry level exterior car detailing service. Your car or truck will be gently washed by our trained technicians, then a layer of carnauba wax will be applied, protecting the paint and adding gloss for 3 months.

Hand Car Washing VS Automated car washes

Nitro Mobile Detailing’s “Wash and Wax” service stands out as the superior option compared to automated car washes. Firstly, our team of professionals provides a personalized service that cannot be replicated by machines. With our hand car wash, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your car is cleaned thoroughly, including small crevices and hard-to-reach areas that automated car washes can miss. Our professionals use specialized tools and cleaning products that are designed to protect and maintain your car’s paint job, leaving it looking brand new.

In addition, the carnauba wax that we apply provides a long-lasting protective layer to your car, unlike the wax applied in automated car washes. Our carnauba wax lasts up to 3 months, providing superior protection against harmful elements such as UV rays, rain, and dust. Automated car washes cannot provide the same level of protection as they use a lower-quality wax that lasts for a shorter period. With Nitro Mobile Detailing’s “Wash and Wax” service, you can rest assured that your car is receiving the best possible care and protection, ensuring that it looks great and maintains its value for years to come.

Washing your car by hand causes less damage

Hand car washing is a great choice for those who want to take better care of their car’s paint job. Unlike automated car washes, hand washing is a gentler process that minimizes the risk of damage to your car’s clear coat. Automated car washes use high-pressure water jets and abrasive brushes that can leave swirl marks and scratches on your car’s paint, which can be costly to repair. With hand washing, our professionals use gentle sponges and mitts to carefully clean your car without damaging the paint. This ensures that your car’s clear coat is not scratched or damaged, leaving it looking great for longer.

Another advantage of hand car washing is that it makes your paint look better for longer. Our professionals use high-quality cleaning products and techniques that protect and enhance your car’s paint job. With automated car washes, the wax and protective coatings applied are often of lower quality, and the washing process can strip away existing coatings, leaving your car vulnerable to environmental damage. With our hand car washing service, your car will receive a thorough cleaning and protective coating that will leave it looking shiny and new for a longer period. At Nitro Mobile Detailing, we take pride in ensuring that your car looks its best, and our hand car washing service is the perfect solution to keep your car looking great for years to come.

How carnauba wax will benefit your vehicle

Carnauba wax is a popular and effective way to protect and enhance your car’s paint job. Derived from the leaves of the Brazilian carnauba palm tree, this natural wax provides a layer of protection that shields your car from environmental factors such as UV rays, acid rain, and dust. Carnauba wax is known for its durability and water resistance, making it an ideal choice for protecting your car’s paint. It creates a glossy finish that makes your car look like it just rolled off the lot, and the layer of wax can also fill in minor scratches and swirl marks, giving your car a smooth, polished appearance.

In addition to its protective qualities, carnauba wax also has benefits for your car’s long-term value. By protecting your car’s paint job from the elements, carnauba wax helps to prevent fading and chalking, which can significantly reduce the value of your vehicle over time. The wax also makes it easier to maintain your car’s appearance by repelling dirt and other debris that can accumulate on your car’s exterior. By choosing Nitro Mobile Detailing’s “Wash and Wax” service, you’ll be investing in the long-term protection and appearance of your car, ensuring that it stays looking great for years to come.