Interior Car Detail in Mansfield

A full interior cleaning will make your car feel like new

Our interior detail service is a complete cleaning of your vehicles interior. Everything from the dash to the trunk will be thoroughly cleaned and detailed. This service will transform your vehicle back to how it looked the day you bought it (or maybe even better).

Interior car detailing mansfield

What’s Included?

  • Remove all personal items and trash
  • Thorough Vacuuming
  • Steam Clean Carpets, Floor Mats and Seats
  • Clean and Detail all hard surfaces
  • Detailed cleaning of Steering wheel and driver controls
  • Detailed cleaning of dash and entertainment system
  • Clean Glass and Mirrors
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Optional upgrade: Car Seat Shampooing
  • Optional upgrade: Carpet Shampooing

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Regular Size Sedan, Crossover, Compact


Large Size Truck, SUV


XL Size XL SUV, Minivan


Note: the prices listed above are estimates only. Extremely dirty vehicles may not qualify for above pricing.

Pet hair removal costs an additional $25-$50.

How an Interior Detail can benefit your car

Our “Interior Detail” service provides a comprehensive cleaning for the interior of your car. We ensure that everything from the dashboard to the trunk is cleaned and detailed. Our goal is to bring your car back to its best possible condition.

Our Approach to Detailing Your Car’s Interior

We understand that every car is unique and may have different levels of wear and tear. While we strive to bring every car as close to its original, factory-new condition as possible, there may be limitations. For instance, if there are areas that have been damaged, it may not be possible to restore them to their original condition. However, we still make an effort to minimize the appearance of these spots to make them less noticeable.

What’s Included in the Interior Detail Service?

Our Interior Detail service covers various aspects of the car’s interior, including cleaning of the seats, carpets, mats, and door jambs. We also take care of the dashboard, center console, door panels, and all the smaller compartments in your car. Our experienced professionals use specialized tools and cleaning products to remove dirt, stains, and odors from your car.

Our detailing process is meticulous, and we don’t leave any area untouched. We pay attention to even the smallest details, such as cleaning the crevices and tight spots, and making sure that all the buttons and knobs are cleaned and protected. We guarantee that our Interior Detail service will leave your car looking and feeling fresh, clean, and comfortable.

Car Seat Shampooing in Mansfield, Texas

For heavily soiled seats, we offer an optional upgrade to car seat shampooing. Our interior detail includes steam cleaning of these areas, but sometimes a deeper clean is required. If your seats/carpets have stains, deeply embedded dirt or smells, consider purchasing a carpet shampooing upgrade.

This process involves the use of a commercial grade water extractor machine. This is essentially a carpet cleaning machine similar to those used by home carpet cleaning services. It injects water and cleaning chemicals into your car fabrics at high pressure and then immediately sucks the liquid out with a powerful vacuum nozzle. This method is great for removing deeply embedded dirt or stains.

Will car seat shampooing soak my seats?

No, our process of car seat shampooing does not soak your seats. They will be left slightly damp for 30-45 minutes after the service. At Nitro Mobile Detailing, we realize that car seats are more than just simple chairs. They include many electronic components such as heaters, electric motors, ventilation, etc. Therefore, we try to introduce as little water as possible into your seats to protect the electronic components.

Car Carpet shampooing in Mansfield

If your carpets are really dirty or really smelly, you may want to purchase car carpet shampoo upgrade along with your interior detail. We normally use a steam cleaner on all carpeting, but sometimes a deeper clean is required. The carpet shampoo upgrade utilizes our commercial carpet cleaning machine to inject water and cleaning chemicals into your carpets. The solution emulsifies dirt and stains, then is sucked out by the machine’s vacuum nozzle.