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polishing will make your car look 10x better

Have you ever had your car polished before?

It’s the best way to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s exterior, hands down. There is no other service that will make a bigger difference (other than repainting!) to the look of your vehicle. If you feel like your car is looking dull/faded, or you can see fine scratches in a “spider web” pattern on the paint, the car paint polishing is the right service for you.

Why should you get your car polished?

  • dramatically improves the look of your car
  • removes fine scratches
  • Makes your car extremely glossy
  • removes oxidation
  • makes your car super smooth
  • Get more value for your trade in

How does car paint polishing work?

Polishing your cars paint is a fairly straight forward process. We use a random orbital polisher combined with high quality car polish to enhance gloss, remove fine scratches and enhance your cars natural color.

This works because the polish is actually shaving off a very thin layer of your cars clear coat. That means any light scratches will be either removed or “smoothed out” so that they are much less noticeable. Also, if your car has any oxidation on the painted surfaces, polishing will remove that as well, bringing back your cars factory-new color and shine.

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Is paint polishing the same thing as paint correction?

Paint Correction is typically a multi-stage process that will remove more imperfections and even deeper scratches, but at the cost of removing more clear coat from your vehicle.

Paint Polishing is usually a single-stage process that will remove some imperfections, but leaves much more of your clear coat intact.

Both services will enhance the gloss of your paint and remove oxidation.

If you’re deciding between paint polishing or paint correction for your vehicle, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Paint correction will achieve better results but at the cost of removing more clear coat.
  • Paint polishing (or “paint enhancement” as we like to call it) will remove less defects, but will leave more clear coat intact on your vehicle.

At Nitro Mobile Detailing, we prefer to leave as much of your clear coat intact as possible. Therefore, we offer paint polishing and paint enhancement rather than paint correction.

How do I book paint polishing for my car?

We don’t offer just polishing as a stand alone service. This is because we have to wash, decontaminate, dry and prep the vehicle for polishing in order to do the job correctly. So, you’ll need to choose from one of our services below that includes paint polishing:

Where do you offer Car Paint polishing?

We offer our polishing service at our auto detailing shop location near Downtown Mansfield. You can drop your car off with us and we’ll transform its appearance to “better than brand new” by the time you get back.

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