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The best way to keep your car in great condition is to hand wash and detail it regularly, as well as maintaining protective products on the vehicle.

That’s exactly what the Maintenance Program is designed to do! Keep your car in like-new condition with regular hand washing and continual protection. Not only will your vehicle look great, but the condition of your paint and interior will be upheld for much longer. That means shiny, clean paint and interior surfaces for years down the road.

What’s Included in the Maintenance Service?

Premium Wash

The Premium Wash is our exterior hand wash and detail service. Performed with the safest chemicals and methods to preserve your clear coat.

Mini-Interior Detail

A touch-up interior cleaning. Full vacuuming, wipe down and glass cleaning. Any spills or stains will be spot treated as necessary.

Paint Protection & Interior Protection

We apply a high-grade carnauba wax to your vehicle regularly, which protects the paint from sun fading, water spots, etc. Interior will receive UV protectant on all hard surfaces and leather.


Your first service in the Maintenance Program includes some extra steps to get your car prepared for continual care. This includes decontaminating the exterior paint, removing any old waxes or sealants, and a more in-depth cleaning of the interior.


Compact, sports car

First Service: $200
Recurring Service: $100


Full size sedan, crossover, mid SUV
(Honda Accord/Range Rover)

First Service: $250
Recurring Service: $125


Truck, 3 row SUV
(F250/VW Atlas/Ford Expedition)

First Service: $300
Recurring Service: $150

Maintenance Program FAQs

Why does the first service cost more?

Your first Maintenance service is designed to prepare your vehicle for continual care. During this service, we will decontaminate your vehicle’s paint, remove old waxes and sealants, deep clean the wheels and tires, and deep clean key areas of the interior. We do this to ensure the protective products (carnauba wax and interior UV inhibitors) will properly bond to your vehicle, which will make the products last much longer and work more effectively.

What if my car is ceramic coated?

No problem! Just let us know when you fill out the sign up form and we will remove wax from your service and adjust the price accordingly!

How often will my car be cleaned?

We offer two intervals for maintenance service:
– Monthly (Every 30 days)
– Bi-Monthly (Every 60 days)

Is it the same price for Monthly and Bi-Monthly?

Yes, the price of the Maintenance Program service stays the same for Monthly and Bi-Monthly.

Do you come to me?

Yes, we operate out of a mobile unit for your convenience. We can perform our services at any location with access to a water spigot and electrical outlet. We service Mansfield, Arlington, Kennedale, Burleson, Midlothian, Cedar Hill, Crowley, Fort Worth, Dallas, Rendon and many more.

How long does this service take?

Typically a maintenance service will take 1-2 hours per vehicle.

Do I need to call and schedule my next service?

No need! If you would like to be part of the maintenance program, we will keep a slot for you reserved on our schedule all year.

Will you remind me when my next appointment is?

Yes! We like to send a reminder text about a week before your appointment to make sure you’re available. We send a second reminder the day before your service as well.

Do you need access to water and power?

Yes, we do require access to a water spigot and electrical outlet.

What if it rains or there is bad weather?

We always pay close attention to weather forecasts and try to schedule around any rain or bad weather. If there’s rain in the forecast on your appointment date, we will try and reschedule to after the rain has passed. If it rains shortly after your appointment, we offer a 7 day rain check to Maintenance Program members! We will stop by after the rain passes and do a quick exterior wash free of charge!

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