FAQs About Our Detailing Services

An extensive list of the questions we get from our customers

Services and Pricing

We offer the following services: Wash Clay & Wax, Full Exterior Detail, Full Exterior Detail + 3 Year Ceramic Coating, Full Interior Detail, Ceramic Coatings and Sealants, Paint Enhancement Polishing, Monthly Maintenance Program, Steam Cleaning, Water Extraction Cleaning, and more. For a complete list of our services head over our services page.

Yes, we do offer a professional grade 3 year Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Sealant.

Prices range depending on the services selected and vehicle make & model. Our Full Exterior Detail start at $299.00 and our Full Interior Detail starts at $249.00. For a more detailed quote please submit a quote or give us a call!

Yes, please remove any belongings such as clothing, bags, and large items from the vehicle prior to your appointment. We will gather and bag up any trash for you. If there are personal belongings within the vehicle during the detailing process such as hats, papers, receipts we will gather and bag these up for your convenience.

After you book your appointment with us you will receive a appointment reminder the day before the appointment time, and the day of the appointment you’ll receive an en-route text when we are 10 minutes away from your home. If the vehicle is at our shop we will text you updates on your vehicle and when it is ready to be picked up.

Our current hours are Tuesday- Saturday 9am-5pm.

We have high standards and expectations of the products we use in our business. We use DIY Detail Rinseless, DIY Detail All-Clean, DIY Detail Tire Lotion, and many more products. If you would like to purchase any of the products we use make sure to let us know the next time you see us, we now offer retail of DIY Detail Products. To see a complete list please see our Products page.

For mobile service we do requireaccess to a water spigot and electrical outlet to detail your vehicle. If these are not available we suggest making an appointment at our shop in downtown Mansfield!

No, at this time do not have availability for same-day or walk-in appointments. We suggest making appointments ahead of time via phone or by Quote Request.

If you would like a quote please submit a quote request, but at any time you are welcome to call or text us at 682-225-52

Yes! We offer gift cards through Square! Please see this link to purchase the gift of a clean car!

Time duration for services is dependent on vehicle size, service selected, and vehicle condition. A Full Interior Detail on average takes 3-4 hours. A Full Exterior Detail + 3 Year Ceramic Coating can take 1-2 days. We do provide a more accurate time duration when services are booked.

No, at this time we do not offer fleet detailing services.

We do not offer services for RVs, boats, or motorcycles at this time.

Yes, we can detail your vehicle if it is used for business! But, we do not offer detailing services to fleets, semitruck’s, or commercial size buses.

We offer a Paint Enhancement Polish to remove light imperfections and enhances gloss and shine. We do not attempt to remove deep scratches, dents, or serious clear coat defections. We do not offer any heavy paint correction.

We do run special offers at different times throughout the year. To keep up to date on our specials make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and join our monthly newsletter!

Yes! We work on vehicles from of a range of different sizes, makes, and models.

Availability and Scheduling

We offer both mobile and in shop appointments. Please note for mobile appointments we do require access to a water spigot and an electrical outlet.

Please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment to cancel or reschedule.

We operate in a radius around Mansfield and service the following cities: Mansfield, Burleson, Arlington, Midlothian, Kennedale, and Cedar Hill. If you are located elsewhere in the DFW area we can still come to you, but we do tack on a travel fee which we will list in your quote.

This is dependent on how often you use you car. Is it a weekend warrior or is it a daily driver? We can help you gauge the frequency of appointments, but most of our clients benefit from monthly details. We offer monthly detailing with out Maintenance Program. Our program includes a hand car wash and interior cleaning every month, starting at just $99 per month for a small car and going up to $150 per month for a large SUV. This service is tailored to keep your car looking its best, whether you drive a small car or a large SUV.

They both include: Hand wash wheels and tires, Remove bug guts and bird droppings, Hand Car Wash the vehicle with scratch-free methods, Perform an extra deep cleaning of your paint with a clay bar decontamination service. Removes stuck on tar, light overspray, etc. and leaves the surface super smooth., Paint Enhancement Polish, and dress tires. But, where they differ is the Exterior Detail includes an application of a six month ceramic sealant and the Full Exterior Detail + 3 Year Ceramic Coating includes a professional grade 3 year ceramic coating to all exterior surfaces including glass. This does also mean the Full Exterior Detail + 3 Year Ceramic Coating will take a bit longer to apply due to curing times.

Safety and Quality

Yes! We wash all vehicle’s by hand and on use high quality products to ensure to longevity and safety of wraps and paint.

We do not offer any paint correction or body repair work. If the vehicle is still drive-able and safe, we should be able to offer our normal services.

If you are looking to remove the lingering smoke odor that is called Smoke Odor Removal, and this service requires a specific set of chemicals and equipment to remove. At this time we do not offer Smoke Odor Removal.

Light stains from dirt, water or sweat will be easily removed by our steam cleaning process which is included within our Full Interior Detail. However, deeper stains that have been there for a long time or stains that were caused by more invasive substances such as grease, oil or food may require upgrading to our Water Extraction Service to remove. Keep in mind that even if you upgrade to Water Extraction, we may still not be able to remove 100% of stains. Unfortunately, some stains will not lift no matter what chemical or process we use.

Special Cases