Wash, Clay and Ceramic

A delicate hand car wash, clay bar treatment, plus Ceramic Gloss: a high-quality ceramic sealant that will protect your vehicle for 6 months.

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Your car, just shinier.

Ceramic gloss protects your exterior from environmental damage and adds stunning shine to the paint.

What’s included in the wash, Clay and Ceramic?

  • Hand car wash and dry
  • Wheel and tire cleaning
  • Tire shine
  • Clay decontamination to remove stuck-on debris
  • Apply Ceramic Gloss, a high-grade ceramic sealant (lasts 6-12 months)

Ceramic Gloss helps your car stay clean

The ceramic will form an ultra-slick layer of protection atop your paint, glass and wheels. This will keep dirt and other debris from sticking to your car, thus keeping it clean for longer!

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