Ceramic Coating Maintenance: A Step By Step Guide

How to maintain ceramic coatings

A pro-grade ceramic coating is the best way to maintain your car’s paint job. The coating will keep your vehicle looking shiny and clean for weeks at a time – if ceramic coating maintenance is done regularly.

As a seasoned auto detailer, I’m here to guide you through the essential steps of ceramic coating maintenance. Following this guide will ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your coating.

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your ceramic coating intact and protecting your paint. Although ceramic coatings definitely make maintenance much easier – they do not remove the need for maintenance entirely. Now, let’s take a look at the maintenance process.

Quick Tips for maintaining your ceramic coating

  • Don’t wash your car for 7 days after ceramic coating application!
  • Do wash your car by hand whenever possible!
  • Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight!
  • Do use a drying aid for extra lubrication!
  • Do wash your car every 2-4 weeks!
how to care for ceramic coating

Step 1: Preparing for ceramic coating maintenance

Before embarking on the journey of ceramic coating maintenance, let’s lay the foundation for a hassle-free experience. As a seasoned professional, I’ve learned that the right preparation makes all the difference in achieving stellar results.

Gather Your Products & Tools

Ensure you have the following essentials within arm’s reach:

  • Quality Microfiber Towels: Soft, lint-free microfiber towels are your best friends during the maintenance process. They delicately caress your vehicle’s surface without leaving unwanted marks.
  • pH-Neutral Car Wash Soap OR Rinseless Wash: Choose a soap specifically designed for the delicate care of ceramic coatings. A pH-neutral formula guarantees a thorough yet gentle clean. Rinseless Wash is our recommended method of washing your vehicle. It simplifies the wash process and leaves less room for error, and it saves water!
  • Wash Sponge: A modern auto detailing wash sponge is the best choice for washing a ceramic coated car.
  • Clay Towel Kit: Decontaminating your vehicle’s surface keeps it smooth and slick. A synthetic clay towel is the best way to decontaminate your ceramic coated car.
  • Drying Aid or Quick Detailer (Optional): To ensure your drying towel glides along the surface of your ceramic coated paint, utilize a drying aid. This can be a quick detailer or a spray-on ceramic product like Ceramic Gloss.

Pick a shady spot to do ceramic coating maintenance

Now that your arsenal is assembled, pick a shaded spot for your maintenance routine. Why the shade, you ask? Direct sunlight can accelerate the drying process, leaving unwanted streaks or water spots on your vehicle. A shaded area ensures you have ample time to work and achieve that flawless finish.

Remember, preparation is the key to a seamless experience. Now, with your tools at the ready and a shaded haven secured, let’s delve into the artistry of ceramic coating maintenance.

Step 2: Gentle Hand Wash

Now that you have your products and tools ready to go and your vehicle is parked in the shade, it’s time to wash your ceramic coated car! You should notice the surface feeling extremely slick – that’s the coating at work.

Ceramic coating maintenance washes are the same as washing your car regularly, so don’t worry. There’s nothing special you need to do. Just follow the best hand wash practices and your ceramic coating will be fine.

Common Myth about Ceramic Coating Maintenance

  • Automated car washes will ruin the coating!

No, they won’t. In fact, a ceramic coating makes automated car washes safer. After all, your coating is designed to protect your paint, and that’s exactly what it does! I would definitely avoid auto car washes whenever possible – but if you’re in a pinch, go for it!


Step 3: Clay Decontamination

It’s a good idea to decontaminate your car as a part of regular ceramic coating maintenance. The best way to do this is with a synthetic clay towel. Not only is the towel easy to use, but it’s far less abrasive than it’s older cousin, the clay bar.

A good decontamination treatment will remove any stuck on debris, leaving the ceramic coated surface smooth and slick.

I recommend decontamination about 4 times per year.

ceramic coating maintenance

Step 4: Drying

Now that your car is washed and decontaminated, it’s time to dry it! Quick!

Getting the excess water off of the painted surfaces ASAP is very important. This prevents any water spots from forming.

Make sure to use your highest quality, clean microfiber towels for this section. Also, be sure to use a drying aid.

Common Questions about ceramic coating maintenance

As a mobile detailing company, we often get asked questions about maintain ceramic coatings. Here are the most common questions we get and brief answers.

How often should I wash my car with a ceramic coating?

You should wash your car every 2-4 weeks if it’s ceramic coated. This will prevent build up and keep the coating slick.

Do I need to use a special soap on ceramic coating?

No, any high-quality car wash product will be fine. As long as it’s from a reputable auto care brand.

What soap do you recommend for washing a ceramic coated car?

We recommend a good rinseless wash for ceramic coating maintenance washes. Rinseless is extremely gentle, easy to use and efficient.

Should I use a drying aid on ceramic coated car?

Yes, you should use a drying aid on a ceramic coated car.

A drying aid provides lubrication between your towel and the paint. The more lubrication you have, the less likely you are to scratch the paint.

We recommend Ceramic Gloss as an excellent drying aid and short-term ceramic sealant.

How to maintain ceramic coating shine?

You can maintain the shine of your ceramic coating by washing regularly and applying a spray ceramic sealant (we like Ceramic Gloss) every 3 months.

Should I hire a detailer to maintain my ceramic coating?

Sure, getting a pro detailer for ceramic coating care is a smart move. They check out your car and coating, suggest a plan, and keep things in good shape regularly. This helps your coating last a long time.

Work with a detail company that offers maintenance detailing services.

Helpful Ceramic Coating Maintenance Videos